Sunday, August 23, 2015

Super Lola saves the day

It’s hard to imagine a life without my aunt since she has been with us for years and has been a big help to us. Although she is over 70 years old, “Lola Nene”, as my kids call her, is a strong woman and can do many things that women younger than her probably can’t. 
My 70 year old Aunt.

It’s really surprising that at her age, she can still clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, iron clothes, watch the kids, and lift heavy objects. If there were a real-life Supergirl, it would definitely be Lola Nene. Her “superpowers” enable her to do a lot of things. Of course, we discourage her from doing these things for fear that she might meet an accident or get sick from all the hard work. 

However, being a typical “probinsiyana”, Lola Nene just laughs and shrugs off our fears. She continues to amaze us with her strength and diligence. We are truly indebted to her because she has done so many things for us.  

Because of her age, there are times when Lola Nene complains of the usual aches and pains that go with her age. On certain days, she finds it hard to sleep, feels so tired, and says that she has had enough of working. On these difficult days, she just rests and spends the whole day lying in bed. As soon as she’s back on her feet, she resumes her work and acts as if nothing happened. That’s how determined and “stubborn” she is.

During the times she’s tired and overworked, Lola Nene relies on her magic pill to get her going. She grabs a tablet of Enervon multivitamins and her troubles are over. For some strange reason, it magically transforms her from a weak old lady into a powerful workhorse.

Of all the vitamins brands in the market today, Lola Nene prefers Enervon because it makes her feel better and gives her the strength to do what she likes. We know better than to argue with her because we can see what Evervon has done for her. We trust this brand because it’s made by a reputable drug company, it’s safe, and has been in the market for years. 

Today, Lola Nene continues to be an important part of the family and never fails to save the day, thanks to her character, strength, and her love of Enervon.  

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