Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Dad the Joker

By Kurt Reed Luis True

A lot of people say I'm like my Dad. I don't look like him, of course, but we share a lot of things in common. One of them is humor. 
Me and my dad having a good time.

My Dad is a humorous person. He loves jokes and he always sees a funny side in almost everything. He probably inherited that from his late father and got his sense of humor from reading and collecting Mad and other humor magazines and books.

The people who don't know Dad misunderstand him for being funny. They think Dad is rude for cracking jokes or making humorous side comments. The truth is, it's his way of connecting with people. Everyone loves a clown and Dad's funny side often endears him to others and shows that he is good natured and approachable.

Humor has helped Dad in many ways. It has helped him cope with problems at home and in the office. It has helped him survive numerous crises and battle his personal demons. More importantly, Dad's sense of humor has brought us together.
My 53 years old dad

If laughter is the best medicine, my Dad must be the cure. His humor has taught me not to take things seriously and to face life with a smile, even at the hands of defeat and misfortune.  My Dad also doesn’t look as old as his other friends or former classmates. 

Compared to other people his age, he still has a full set of hair. That, of course, may be due to his genes, but I’d like to think his happy mood contributed a lot to his youthful features. They say it takes less effort to smile than to frown. In Dad’s case, this is certainly true which explains why he has a lot of laugh lines on his face. Smiling has made Dad age more slowly and he considers this his fountain of youth. 

My Dad doesn’t take any vitamins or pills to stay healthy or beat stress. He relies on his sense humor to keep him going and hurdle difficult times. But if there ever was a fountain of youth, I guess the closest thing to this would be HyC150. As a kid, I haven’t tried it myself nor has my Dad who only heard about it recently.
The family that laughs together
stay young Forever

This is a collagen drink that the Japanese love and it’s believed to be the reason for their longevity and beauty. That probably explains its popularity there as well as in other Asian countries like China and South Korea.  

Premium HyC 150 is a product of FINE Japan Co. Ltd., and was recently launched in the Philippines. Distributed by Bright Ray Enterprises, this unique drink is said to be the only one with the right combination of active anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and ubiquinol.

To make the most of collagen, hydrate the skin, and fight wrinkles, they say the body needs hyaluronic acid which is also present in the skin. HyC 150 has 150 milligrams of hyaluronic acid to ensure that the skin has enough of this essential nutrient. Researchers say this lubricates the joints, ligaments and connective tissues. Taking HyC150 apparently helps other people stay healthy and have beautiful skin. 
Wacky me with my younger brother Karl

Knowing my Dad, he would probably smile at these claims. But that’s okay since that’s his nature and we love him for that. We may not be rich. We sure don't have everything in life. But thanks to my Dad, I've learned that a smile can open doors and get you anywhere, and laughter during trying times can be music to the ears. Thanks for sharing your laughter with us, Dad! You have made us happy! 

This article was written by my 12-year-old son who smiles a lot like his Dad.