Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ai-Ai sizzles in a hot concert at Skydome

It was a hot summer night in Quezon City yesterday (May 16,2015). However, that didn’t stop fans of Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai de las Alas from flocking to the Skydome at SM North EDSA to witness one of the hottest acts of the year.

Ms. AiAi de las Alas backstage photo
7:00 p.m. people are lining-up at the Skydome
 The place recently made headlines again as the venue of Ai-Ai’s thanksgiving concert “Ai Am What Ai Am.” Judging from the audience feedback, it was a huge success!  

Inside, people laughed, gasped, and screamed as the lovely comedienne sang, cracked jokes, and entertained the audience with her signature brand of comedy and her dazzling and - at times - outrageous outfits. 

Crowd inside the skydome
Lady Gaga herself would have been proud if she saw Ai-Ai that night. In spite of her over-the-top and sexy outfits, Ai-Ai carried herself well, looked great in them, and endeared herself more to her loyal fans. That’s how good Ai-Ai’s version of Lady Gaga is and it is a testament to her talent as an artist and entertainer.

AiAi Hello Kitty dress..

Duet with Alden Richards

With her long time friend Allan K
Of course, what made the concert even more memorable was Ai-Ai’s choice of songs sprinkled with her antics. Her challenging medley of Whitney Houston hits was a joy to listen to. Ai-Ai managed to hit the right notes without sounding awkward or forced.   
The "Biritan" portion with Dessa
Adding spice to Ai-Ai’s special song and dance numbers were her guests and good fiends - some of who have been with her for years and have shared her ups and downs in show business.

Hugging the limelight with her were hunks Aljur Abrenica and Alden Richards whose presence raised the heat even more among female and some male fans! 

Backstage photos 
Sancho Vito de las Alas - AiAi eldest son

Arnel Ignacio and Dessa

AiAi friends and supporters backstage

Mr. Gardo Versoza
Voice of Asia Dessa managed to light up the night with her fantastic performance and let’s not forget Alan K who ignited listeners with his soulful number. Other laughs were provided by guest performers from Zirkoh Bar – dubbed as Asia’s biggest comedy bar and a place close to Ai-Ai’s heart. 
AiAi's Let The Love Begin family Ruru Madrid, Gabbi Garcia and Gardo Versoza

Capping off the evening were Ai-Ai’s co-stars in her new GMA hit series “Let the Love Begin.” These included Gardo Versoza, Ruru Madrid, and Gabby Garcia. Fans thought that would be the end of it but were pleasantly surprised when the Comedy Concert Queen returned and belted out some popular disco numbers complete with confetti, smoke and fog effects, and colourful lights for her finale. 

All in all, it was a night to remember for Ai-Ai’s fans as their idol proved once again that she has what it takes to give a memorable performance. Hats off to the event organizers for a job well done!