Monday, April 13, 2015

How Samsung helps moms

When it comes to family matters, mothers know best. Nothing can beat moms in their vast experiences and timeless wisdom. This has helped them deal with a variety of situations and has saved the day for most families.

In the Philippines, nothing can beat local moms in their unconditional love and deep concern for the family. They have always been the guiding light, encouraging and pushing each family member to do great things and soar high. These hardworking moms find contentment in a happy family that's successful in life.

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation understands how concerned Filipino mothers are when it comes to their families’ welfare. That’s why the company recently staged “Made to Fit: A Musical” at Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Taguig City to launch the latest digital appliances and show how these can help moms and their families in their quest for happier homes.

”We decided to introduce our products differently and creatively to demonstrate how Samsung Digital Appliances' innovation keeps up with changes in consumer’s life stages, from being independent yuppies, to getting married, and eventually starting a family,” according to Jun Filart, business unit head. "This shows that Samsung appliances are the answer to the ever-evolving needs and diversity of Filipino families."

Aside from the musical, the event featured an experiential area, giving guests the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest Samsung offerings. People witnessed and experienced how and why each appliance can help moms by giving them more ways to care for their families.

A mothers’ unconditional love and hands-on attitude go as far as personally doing the laundry of family members, no matter how tiring this can be. This is their way of ensuring that family members wear clean clothes. To save time and relieve aching backs, there’s a new Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine with ActivDualWash. With its dedicated sink, washboard, and water jet built right into the washer, pre-treating laundry is now more convenient. This can help reduce back pain by 43% when washing.

Moreover, this fully automatic washing machine addresses common laundry problems such as tangling, detergent residues, and lint that may damage clothes. It features Wobble Technology that creates powerful vertical wash motions to prevent clothes from tangling; a Magic Dispenser that uses a propeller to dissolve detergent in the dispenser and spread it evenly; and Magic Filter located at the water level that traps the lint, fluff and particles coming out of clothes during the washing process. 

Another challenge moms with big families face is organizing groceries and food items in the refrigerator. These needs are easily answered by a wide range of refrigerator sizes from 6.4 to 28.7 cubic feet. Apart from large storage capacities, Samsung refs are also known for their space-saving designs. The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (FSR), for instance, has a revolutionary "fridge within a fridge” design which features two independent areas, which can offer more space and a wider range of storage and organization options. The first layer, known as the showcase, provides clearly defined zones for frequently used food and ingredients. 

Meanwhile, the inner case, which is located deeper inside the refrigerator, provides the perfect place to keep larger and long-lasting items fresher. More than that, the FSR has a metal cooling door that restores the temperature in the fridge faster than a conventional door, maintaining the freshness of food even if the door is frequently opened and closed. With Samsung refrigerators, maximum storage space is achieved while keeping energy consumption and floor space requirements at a minimum Energy Efficiency.

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