Monday, April 20, 2015

Be healthy with tacos

Did you know that eating tacos is good for health? No, this is not a trick question nor is it another food fad in the making. Strange as it sounds, this traditional Mexican dish is a good source of nutrients. How on earth is that possible?
My husband George while visiting Taco Bell gateway
Before you head to the two Taco Bell branches at the Gateway Mall, Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City, be sure to read this article first. It will open your eyes to the magic of tacos and their role in good nutrition.

Nutritionists say a taco can be healthy depending on its shell and the kind of filling it has. For those who live on another planet, a taco is made of corn or wheat tortilla that is folded or rolled around a filling. This thin flatbread can either be soft and flexible or hard and crispy. The latter U-shaped version is the most popular and was first described in a Mexican cookbook in 1949. 

Eaten alone, tortillas won’t titillate your taste buds. However, when filled with beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and cheese, they become delicious tacos that explode with delightful flavors. The best part is they’re nutritious, too.
I love taco's
If your tacos have tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, expect a great meal filled with vitamins and minerals. From tomatoes and onions, you get vitamin C that can help fight infection and boost immunity. Lettuce adds fiber that aids in digestion and prevents constipation and other digestive problems. 

Taco Bell also serve rice meals
Tacos that have beef, pork, shrimp and chicken are packed with protein and provide the energy you need to get going and keep up with an active lifestyle. Protein also helps build muscles. Mix in some cheese and you get another good source of protein as well as calcium.

The New Taco Bell Gateway

The downside is that critics say typical fast food tacos can be bad if they’re loaded with fat and calories. For a healthier option, go for non-fried corn tortillas. Flour tortillas have more calories and frying only makes things worse. 

For a filling and more nutritious meal, choose tacos with a lot of vegetables. Cheese and sour cream make a great-tasting taco, but too much is a no-no since they give you a lot of saturated fat and calories. As you can see, tacos can be healthy if they’re made with fresh, nutritious ingredients. Just like any other food, eat them right and you’ll find that tacos can fit into any diet plan. 

If you’re hungry for tacos, the best place to be is Taco Bell. Since it opened in 2004, Taco Bell has attracted a lot of faithful followers that hunger for exciting dishes. Owned and operated by Philippine Pizza, Incorporated, Taco Bell is the home of terrific tacos, mouthwatering burritos, tasty quesadillas, cheesy potatoes, nachos, and tempting churros.

Dining at new Taco Bell Gateway is a wonderful experience!

Its first Live Más store in Southeast Asia recently opened in Gateway Mall. Combining hearty Mexican meals and a cool Californian ambiance, the all new Taco Bell will surely delight loyal customers who long for the perfect taco experience that Filipinos have grown to love.

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