Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Exploring the cuisine of TravelBean

Specialty coffee shops are sprouting everywhere. If you’re a traveler who loves going places and trying new things, you will surely enjoy what the Travelbean has to offer.
Photo credit to Ms. Arcee Miranda
(My  official photographer daw! Hehehe.. )

I was lucky to visit one of its braches recently at 11 Falcon St., Fairview Park, Quezon City and the experience blew me away. This unique coffee shop that serves delectable dishes doubles as a travel agency. Not only can you dine in style here, but you can book a flight to different destinations.

As expected, the place is filled with things that remind you of different places and it has a friendly staff ready to cater to your gastronomic desires. The ambiance hits close to home and makes one feel like a member of the family even if this is your first time there.

What I really enjoyed there, though, is the great food. The Travelbean has a wide selection of international meals that reflect the distinctive cuisine of many countries. The best part is that they come with affordable prices! These mouthwatering dishes were unveiled one by one by the lovely consultant chef Juno Ang who served as our host for the evening.  Here’s a rundown of what I got:  
Bacon Croquette (P110) – Another winner that’s crunchy outside but tasty inside. This is a little bomb in your mouth that explodes with flavors.

Mexican Nachos (P145) - Crunchy but not too spicy, this goes best with coffee or you can wash it all down with a cold drink while browsing the web. 

Bacon Dynamite (P110) – I don’t normally eat chili pepper but Travelbean made it great by wrapping this hot dish with bacon with pairing it with an unforgettable cheese dip. 

Arabian Fries (P110) – I love French Fries but I never thought that this was far better! It has a spicy odor that could turn some people off, but once you put in your mouth, it tastes really good!  

Italian Lasagna Rolls (P220) – they look like lumpia or spring rolls, but they taste like heaven! It’s lasagna with a delightful twist that you can’t miss!

Classic Carbonara (P190) – here’s a great take of a classic dish. The pasta is perfect and the sauce is creamy with a generous sprinkling of bacon bits.

Wasabi Kani Pasta (P220) – If California rolls were made into pasta, this is what they would taste like. I couldn’t get enough of this dish mixed with mango, crab meat and vegetables. 

Angus Beef Tapa (P99) – This is the perfect meal for backpackers that’s filling and full of flavors. I never tasted tapa this good!

For dessert, we had Chocolate Lava Cake (P110), a winning combination of moist chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream, and fudge brownies (P75), a soft and chewy delight!

All in all, dining at Travelbean is an experience you won’t regret. Make sure you drop by there if you’re craving for good food at great prices!