Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 Unusual Quit Smoking Tips

Tired of the same old quitting tips? How will you navigate up to 72 hours needed to reach peak withdrawal and again regain a nicotine free body? 

Below are the top 10 quitting tips that are vastly different from any other quit smoking tips.

1. Know Your Motivation
Always remember about motivation of stop smoking. Like smoking can cause family problems, hurt your child health (learn how to keep your child from ever smoking), kill good breath, make teeth yellow (or even brown), cause cancer and heart problems. 

Remember these nice morning times when you don’t smoke and fill yourself strong and happy. You can save very much stopping smoking, find out how much you can save when you don’t smoke.

Associate cigarettes, nicotine with all bad aftereffects what can happen with you: anxiety or nervousness, lowering sexual energy, difficulty of concentrating, restlessness, headaches, insomnia, increasing of coughing, bad skin, bad teeth and breath, fatigue, constipation or upset stomach, depression and so on. 

2. Change Your Cigarette To Something Else
Many people continue smoking, because they don’t have what to do or have to much free time. They need something to keep in mouth, before it was a cigarette, now try to use something else, like apple. 

Eat apple in break on work. If you are home you can brush your teeth every time you want to smoke. Or drink a lot of water.

3. One puff - wasted money
Find someone whom you will entrust to take away from you a fee or something precious if you’ll start to smoke. Or say you’ll present something dear for you to any person.

4. Peace a cake
Inform all your friends, colleagues, family members that quit smoking is so simple that only weak people can’t do it, and think yourself “It’s very easy to stop smoking”. And it will really be. Or start blogging about your quit smoking steps.

5. Eat Your Cigarette When You Want to Smoke
Just eat cigarette when you want to smoke. First, second, third… you’ll create antipathy to cigarettes and theirs smell.

6. Find Examples to Follow
Find people you like who don’t smoke and ask/learn why they don’t smoke? Put them as examples. Or make inversely find out 227 famous people who died because they smoked. Also did you know about Anti Smoking Campaign by American Top Models? - they point to smoking side effects.

7. Just Ask Yourself “WHY?”
Think global what are we doing while holding cigarette and puffing. It’s a strange ritual, it’s a great mistake ever invented on which some people earn billions dollars.

8. Use Online Quit Smoking Support
Find the easiest way to be connected with the same people as you. Subscribe all newsletters or remind letters, let them remind you about your decision.

9. Create Free-Smoke Area
Don’t let others to smoke in your area. Just remember you take a 70% of nicotine they breathe out. 

10. Bookmark, digg, stumble or fave this page to remind yourself every time that you are strong to stop smoking.

I smoked too, but, happily, I quit smoking easy owing to tips above.