Thursday, October 9, 2014

Your Guide to Healthy Desserts

It’s always satisfying to end your meal with a great dessert but the sad truth is that many of them are laced with sugar, can make you fat and are not healthy. Still, that doesn't mean you should not have dessert anymore. The good news is that there are healthy desserts. To convince you, below are some healthy dessert alternatives that can satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you extra pounds:

Photo grab from Henhouse Catering 
Start with fresh fruit. Combine low fat yogurt with low fat whipped cream and place some fresh fruit. Add some  cinnamon and get ready for a good time. Or slice an apple or peach in half. Spray with some canola oil, sprinkle  with brown sugar and grill till it’s soft and fragrant. For toppings, use sugar-free syrup or low fat whipped topping.

Need more? Place a scoop of fat-free vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Top it with your favorite sugar-free coffee syrup that comes in delicious flavors such as almond, vanilla, caramel or raspberry. Sprinkle lightly with nuts and you've got a good dessert.
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Another option is fat-free and sugar-free Jell-O. This is very cheap and only contains 5 calories per serving. Mix this with some canned fruit or non-fat dairy whipped topping. Or give in to some fat-free or sugar-free frozen yogurt. This tastes great and contains only a fraction of the calories that you’ll find in ice cream.

To save a bundle, why not have sugar-free chewing gum for dessert? This will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your waistline healthy at the same time. When dining out, a good strategy is to order just one dessert and split it with your partner. Thus, you get only half the fat and half the calories. Lastly, try eating dessert just after a 1/2-hour walk. Do so after breakfast or dinner. If you still crave for dessert when you return, do so since you've had a good exercise.