Monday, October 27, 2014

Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Whether you’r newly married or not, your bedroom must be neat and organized. Most of all, it should inspire romance and intimacy. You can do this by making small changes that will lead to a big difference. Here are some practical ideas:

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Keep your room free from clutter. Nothing is worse than filling your bedroom with garbage. Keep in mind that your bedroom is not a garbage can. It’s the place where you and your loved one go for rest, relaxation, and romance. Don’t expect sex if you have to clear piles of dirty laundry before reaching the bed. The first step to setting the mood is creating the right kind of ambiance. Do this by having a neat room.
Ensure that there’s a space for everything and everything is in its space. Throw out the things you don’t need. Get rid of old clothes, shoes, and other useless items (Time for garage sale if you have lots of this). Get hold of affordable drawer dividers, plastic storage boxes, and closet organizers to store items instead of putting them behind closet doors, in dressers, or under the bed.

Create good mood lighting. If needed, replace the fixtures in the room or use the right table or floor lamps. Dimmer switches are great and should be accessible from the bed. Select lighting options that provide a soft glow rather than harsh light. Candles are another good light source. Be creative when picking the right candle holder and find the ideal location.

It’s difficult to love your bedroom when you smell something offensive there. Remember that not everyone likes strong perfumes. Candles, potpourri, fresh cut flowers and plug-in deodorizers are good alternatives to give a sense of freshness into a room.