Friday, September 5, 2014

What Your Clothes Say About You

Your clothes say a lot about you. But are you sending the right signals?  What messages can be gleaned from your attire?  Think about it: when you walk down the street, are people smiling at you? Do they stare in disbelief?  Or do they laugh at you or simply ignore you? 
 This is my ever comfortable get-up!

Your clothes tell people who you are. They reveal your personality and leave an immediate impression in the minds of people. Whether you’e aware of it or not, your attire reveals your economic status, social circle, degree of sophistication, and morality. This is why you should wear the right clothes. (I'm one of the victim of these, usually misjudge of what I wear.)
Just love comfortable dress or sleeveless  

It’s important that you select clothes that say something good about you. Choose those that speak of your  personal and professional goals. In short, dress for the job you’re dreaming of - not the one you currently have. When utilized as a kind of social communication, your clothes can change the way people look at you. The right attire can give you more attention, more friends and even more dates.

If you wear a skimpy, seductive dress, don’t be surprised if some people mistake you for a hooker. With this kind of attire, expect to be treated with less respect and dignity than if you dress modestly. So teach people how to treat you with the right clothes. Think carefully before wearing anything or people may get the wrong idea.

Keep in mind that people will respect you if you respect yourself. Each time you dress up and leave the house, you project pieces of yourself to others. These pieces reveal your education level, your wealth, and even your feelings of self-worth.

This is how i deal people... Wearing make-up makes me a different person! Do you agree?

So keep your head up, your shoulders straight, get a god haircut and wear fashionable attire appropriate to the occasion. That way, you’ll be seen as successful person even if you're not.