Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watsons Brings Affordable, Quality Medicines to Filipino Homes

Filipinos are extremely family-oriented. A family member’s health concern is often shared by the rest of the household – whether it is for the maintenance medications of  lolo and lola, the vitamins and supplements of nanay, ate and kuya, or the cough and cold medicines of tatay. It’s common among family members to help relatives with their health cost burdens, especially since branded medicines can be very expensive.

Recognizing this, Watsons, the No. 1 pharmacy retail brand in Asia, recently gave Filipinos more options to purchase high quality but affordable generic medicines with the launch of its own generics line that can help them save as much as 80%.

With Watsons Generics’s wide range of medicines and supplements, the most essential health needs of the entire family can be met. Pantry stocking is made easy and affordable with various vitamins, pain relief, and cough and cold medicines to aid in the recovery of a sick loved one.

Super Moms can fight off common bacteria with effective and affordable antibiotics. The younger generation can easily find supplements for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Young women can purchase affordable beauty products such as collagen or glutathione, allowing them to save money for other things like a dream vacation. The elderly can also benefit from Watsons Generics’s wide portfolio of maintenance medicines to help manage diabetes and hypertension among others.

“We recognize that each family has specific needs when it comes to health. However, with the rising cost of medicines, this may be difficult to meet. With the launch of Watsons Generics, we can give families more healthcare options and access to quality healthcare products,” said Danilo Chiong, Watsons Health Business Unit director.

Watsons Generics has passed the regulatory requirements of local and international quality assurance agencies. The medicines are registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, have passed bioequivalence test, and are manufactured by facilities with certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices. The best part is that consumers can save up to 80% compared to leading brands.

“For more than 170 years, Watsons has been providing health and wellness products to its customers worldwide. We are excited to do the same in the Philippines by allowing Filipino families to take charge of their health without the fear of financial burden,” Chiong concluded.
WATSONS GENERICS. To spread health literacy among Filipinos, Watsons recently launched its own line of high-quality generic medicines can help consumers save up to 80% compared to branded medicines. Present during the event were (L-R): Event host Christine Jacobs-Sandejas; Robert Sun, general manager of Watsons Philippines; Danilo Chiong, head of the Health Business Unit for Watsons Personal Care Stores (Philippines) Inc.; Dr. Teodoro Herbosa, undersecretary of the Department of Health; Brand Ambassadors Lorna Tolentino and Edu Manzano; Dr. Anthony Leachon, president of the Philippine College of Physicians; and Martin So, CEO of ASW H&B Asia and Eastern Europe.