Friday, September 5, 2014

My Boys are Growing Up Fast

Come to think of it... As time flies my boys are getting bigger and taller. It's just like yesterday they are so small and my husband and I enjoy giving them wet kisses and embraces.

My youngest son 'Karl Daniel'  1 day old

My ever dearest Nene and my eldest son  'Kurt Reed'

3 months old Karl and 2 years old Kurt

My loving husband (George) with my 4 months old son Karl
A two Karl is so wacky just like his Kuya
Just like other kids they love to eat......
Eating is their comfort zone...........

While they grow up they are both not alike. When my eldest son is a Book, comics and computer lover. Kurt just love staying home reading his books. My youngest is the adventurous one. He likes ziplines, bikes, toy guns and more outdoor games and activities.

Karl loves water, he can't resist the beach..

His favorite ride at Centris - We make an effort to go there on Saturday's.

One of Kurt's book collection

He just love reading books!

Karls love trekking...

Just love his cowboy hat!

Playing outside 

Zipline adventure with my step daughter and his husband. Karl is so eager to Zip but Kurt is too afraid 
Although they are different with each other but they both agree on watching movies and almost they same favorite foods.
Watching cartoon movies 

Eating donuts like J.Co is their favorite comfort food

Karl munching his donuts
For now I enjoy every moment with them. Because I know in the next few years I will miss them so much.
Enjoying our moments together - These are precious moments that I will treasure.

Now my youngest is 9 years old and still counting.