Saturday, September 6, 2014

Choosing Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture

This article has been made due to my friend that keep calling me earlier of what is the best fabric she will use for her upholstered sofa. So "Mitch" instead calling me just read my Blog so I won't be disturbed. You know its already 24 hours without sleep

What contributes greatly to the appeal of upholstered furniture? It’s the fabric. This is the most visible and obvious mark of fashion and quality. However, this is also the part that clearly shows the wear and tear of a certain item.
With this in mind, what fabric should you pick that will give you the look, durability and feel that you need? Read this short article to pick up a few pointers. It will give you a few basic decorating and shopping tips to keep you on the right track.  
Furniture different styles
First, examine the style. The fabric must reflect the style and character of the furniture it’s o. Naturally, a traditional frame should have a more traditional fabric style. Check the pattern of the fabric to ensure that it matches the size of the room where the furniture will be placed. In general,  big repeating patterns look good in big rooms. Take note of the fabric’s color – does it give a warm or cold feeling? See to it that shows the “mood” you want for the room. .
Leather Swatches
Vinyl Swatches
While leather is expensive, it can be a great choice although it lacks the formality of a damask or brocade. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean but doesn’t feel good against the skin. It feels cold in cool rooms and sticks to the skin in warm rooms. Your choice of fabric also depends on the people who will be using your furniture. For those with pets, select a pet-friendly microfiber fabric or leather that can withstand heavy use.

Stay away from trendy colors unless you adore them. Color trends come and go so choose well or you may end up with something that looks awful later.