Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Advantages of Working from Home

Being a Mom, working at home has a great advantages. Let me share to you why working at home is a good thing. Here’s a summary of those benefits:

First, you relieve yourself of the burden of commuting. This means you won’t waste time traveling, getting up early in the morning to catch the bus, getting bitten by the neighbor’s dog while crossing the street,   bending your body like a contortionist to fit into the jam-packed MRT/LRT, waiting for the heavy traffic to subside or spend half a day finding a good parking space.

Keep in mind that the average commuting time to work is about 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes this can take 90 minutes or longer if Godzilla is in the middle of the road or there’s a huge crater from a meteor that fell to earth. Multiply that number by two to get back home and you’ll discover that you have spent about 10 percent of your day just to get to the office. If you work at home, you save time, can sleep longer in the morning, and can attend to other activities in the evening. Like spending more time with your family just like us.
Breakfast at Makan-Makan Hotel H2o
Since you do away with commuting if you work at home, you save money on transportation. You save on parking fees, gas, vehicle maintenance, bus and MRT/LRT fees, and insurance expenses to name a few. In fact, you may not even need a car at all. In effect, you save more from your monthly pay. Simply not taking the bus or MRT/LRt will slash 10%-20% per month from your transportation allowance. You also make the world a better place since you don’t contribute to pollution.

Another benefit of working at home is you save money on lunches and shopping. Food expenses can eat up a big chunk of your budget when you’re working in the office. Since it’s not always feasible to bring a packed lunch everyday, your next recourse is to eat out and that’s when you get robbed everyday! To make matters worse, after eating outside, you look around and visit stores and boutiques during breaks. This means you’re more likely to spend money on impulse buying - something that won’t happen if you’re working from home.