Friday, August 29, 2014

Strife Goes Open Beta in Philippines

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited(Asiasoft) announced that Strife has entered Beta in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, the game's launched and kicked off with special press event was August 29 2014 (yesterday) at Imperium e-Sports Bar in Metrowalk, Ortigas hosted by Philippine Publisher, Playweb Games. During this event  I was able to get a limited edition Moxie stuff toy as one their raffle price.

Strife is developed by S2 Games. It's a second generation free-to-play MOBA that features deep collaborative gameplay, accessible heroes and includes purchasable cosmetic upgrades. Refusing to be constrained by typical MOBA genre norms, S2 Games instead focused their knowledge and industry experience on collaborative, engaging, enjoyable team PvP game through enhanced game mechanics suitable for new and veteran MOBA players. Some of the key features included modified reward system to share in-game gold among team members, improved match making system for level playing fields and role-play attributes of crafting, in-game accompanying pets and item crafting.

"Our vision for Strife can be best explained by examining the globally beloved sport of Soccer, accessible for all and providing rewarding experience to players of all skill levels." said Marc DeForest, CEO and Co-Founder of S2 Games. "Together with Asiasoft, S2 Games is ready to provide a highly enjoyable MOBA to all gamers in Southeast Asia."
Strife now joins the prestigious roster of games under Playweb Games' Level Up brand. And as the official publisher of Strife here in Philippines, Playweb Games aims to introduce Strife to the local gaming scene and highlight what makes different from the number of MOBAs already in the market through off-line activities and events for players and media alike.

To learn more about Strife and to download game client, please visit:
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