Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Benefits of Promotional Vehicles

Want your product to reach more people regardless of where they are? You can do that with a promotional vehicle. As its name implies, this is a car, truck or SUV decorated with adhesive vinyl graphics. The latter is applied to the car’s exterior and is a good way to promote your business, product or service.


These colorful adhesive graphics are also known as vehicle wraps and they help attract more customers. Since they make the vehicle more appealing to customers, they are considered an effective marketing tool that won’t strain your budget.  

 There are three kinds of vehicle wraps, namely, a full wrap (meaning the whole vehicle is covered), a decal wrap (wherein decals are applied to body panels) or a window wrap (where decals are applied to the side and rear windows). This type of advertising is often used by radio stations, beer companies, car dealers, pubs, clubs and restaurants among others.

 What are the benefits of promotional vehicles? Since a vehicle is mobile, you can take it anywhere to promote your product. Even if your vehicle is parked, it will still be noticed by other drivers and pedestrians. Unlike newspapers or TV ads, a promotional vehicle will always advertise your product until you remove it or sell the vehicle. There is no need to pay for expensive media space.

 A promotional vehicle also has more impact than other forms of advertising. Research shows that people remember more details that are seen on vehicles. As an added bonus, you extend the life of your car since the graphics protect the vehicle’s paint. Lastly, you can remove the graphics anytime; they won’t peel off the paint of your car or destroy your car’s finish.