Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fast-acting Panadol brings families closer

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the global leading healthcare company commits itself on improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer with (paracetamol) Panadol® as the world’s trusted pain reliever, sold in more than 85 countries. 
Father, athlete and TV host Ryan Agoncillo and son Lucho

Panadol with Optizorb® is a type of paracetamol caplet that works five times faster than regular formulation. It contains the same amount of paracetamol (500 mg) found in Panadol, so you can feel confident in its ability to relieve pain such as headache and fever.

“Seven out of 10 Filipinos suffer from regular headaches. The time wasted on dealing with this kind of pain should have been better spent on more important things like quality time with the family,” says Jeoffrey Yulo, General Manager – Consumer Healthcare, GSK Philippines. “This dilemma encourages GSK to continue providing a fast and effective solution like Panadol to pain sufferers.  What makes Panadol with Optizorb® truly different from other branded and generic paracetamol products is that it is the only product to contain Optizorb®, which has revolutionized the way paracetamol tablets are dispersed in the body, so it allows paracetamol to reach the bloodstream more quickly and be carried to where it acts to fight pain, five times faster.”

This year, Panadol brings more focus to help take away the pain for faster recovery and more super moments with the ones you love. Bringing this life-affirming message to the fore is father/athlete/host Ryan Agoncillo, together with his son Lucho. Ryan is known to be a dedicated father to his children – Yohan and Lucho – and spends as much time as he can with his family. 

As a sportsman who is into motorcycles and triathlons, Ryan is no stranger to aches and pain. But he doesn’t let any kind of discomfort like headache get in the way of a quality time with his equally energetic son, making their moments together pain-free. But whenever pain or headache strikes, he puts his trust on Panadol. And like a true superhero, he has the power of quick recovery in the eyes of his son.
Mr. Jeoffrey Yulo, General Manager,
GSK Consumer Healthcare Dr. Joy Luat-Inciong and
 Ryan Agoncillo

“My family is my top priority. Even if I get busy with work and my other pursuits, I make sure that I get to spend quality with my wife and my kids. But, sometimes, because of my workload, I suffer from terrible headaches,” Ryan relates. “Fortunately, there’s Panadol. It offers fast relief to make my super moments with my family pain-free! Indeed, when pain is gone, life takes its place.”

(Paracetamol) Panadol® with Optizorb® comes in 36 x 10s dispenser box and a 10s pack. Each tablet has an SRP of PHP 4.00 and is available at all leading drugstores nationwide. 

For more information on pain management, visit www.panadol.com.

The Real Measure of Intelligence and Success

The time has come to explore and recognize the different forms of intelligence's to help children achieve the most success. 
Progress Pre-School Gold graduates with Kim Atienza

Understanding that success isn't solely based on how good a child is in math or science means giving the chance to recognize their ability to be good at other things as well, eventually creating a generation that possess multiple intelligence's.

 “We continue to seek ways for parents and educators to recognize that developing multiple intelligence is just as relevant as academic performance, giving kids today the chance to develop their inherent skills in a motivated and well-rounded environment,” says Rhea Villareal, Senior Product Manager, Progress Pre-School GOLD. 

“Multiple intelligence can spark multiple achievements – it is the edge that this new generation will have.”

Leading with multiple intelligence
This edge is perhaps best exemplified by some of this country’s young multi-achievers who were recently recognized at Progress Pre-School GOLD’s Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day. Among them are Sofia Pablo, whose excellence in academics is complemented only by equally impressive achievements in dance and sports; Cedric Rafael Uson, whose potential for leadership and the arts are notable; Sean Clarence Cai, who consistently impresses others with his propensity for numbers and excellent interpersonal skills at such a young age; Luis Raphael Danao, whose academic achievements are rivaled only by his passion and excellence in sports; and Ciara Russegger, whose athleticism and academic inclinations prove that a seamless integration of brain, body and people smart is possible with the right support. 

Kim Atienza, multi-achiever and Commencement speaker in the Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day, also expressed that his well-rounded character has been key in achieving success in life. “Multiple Intelligence has equipped me to confidently engage with the world and readily accept challenges with family, passions, and career,” says Atienza.

Improving access to multiple intelligence
Progress Pre-school GOLD’s multiple intelligence advocacy has the opportunity to transform development approaches simply by highlighting the fact that various facets of intelligence combine to create a balanced and successful child that can potentially change the world.  

As a means to further promote multiple intelligence, Wyeth is partnering with the Reading Association of the Philippines (RAP), a non-government organization committed to improve all aspects of the national reading programs and teaching procedures through teacher-training and research. 

RAP calls educators to embrace a comprehensive curriculum to promote students' maximum participation for overall development. It educates school teachers using proven progressive methods to teach kids to learn to read and enhance comprehension — thus, facilitate a better learning environment to help students to progress into multi-achievers. 

Moving up and choosing multiple intelligence
Progress Pre-school GOLD encourages Filipino moms to move up to a more progressive approach to parenting as experts prove that young minds gain knowledge through play, direct experience and social interaction.

"As a parent, my challenge is to help my kids apply their knowledge to everyday life, not just by getting good grades but by being well-rounded individuals that are smart, creative and helpful," says Jenni Epperson, Multiple Intelligence advocate.

Activities have become open-ended and interdisciplinary and the more kids exposed to different fields and interests, the more they are able to perform better and beyond given measures.

"With multiple intelligence, you don't just go one step ahead, you go twice as far," says Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Multiple Intelligence advocate.

Progressive moms have a partner in Progress Pre-School GOLD as they further support the development of their child’s multiple intelligence. Progress Pre-School GOLD is now with its best-ever GOLD Biofactors System with higher levels of DHA, Choline and Lutein to support a child’s multiple intelligence.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Microsoft says many Pinoy students want to study coding

Microsoft today released the results from a new Asia Pacific study which revealed that the majority of students in the Philippines recognize the value of coding in their education and the potential it creates for their future careers, Additionally, the study also found that students enjoy relatively strong support from their schools and parents in their interest for coding, signaling an increasing awareness of the skill as an important part of their future.

Conducted in February 2015 in line with the Microsoft YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode campaign, the survey polled 1,850 students under 24 years old from across 8 countries in Asia Pacificl, including the Philippines, on their sentiments towards coding or software programming, They were also asked about the learning opportunities for coding that are currently available to them. The student respondents came from a variety of academic backgrounds, including arts & humanities, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), business, and other general fields of study.
New research shows most students in the Philippines
recognize value of coding for future careers,
and enjoy relatively strong support and
opportunities from parents and schools.

According to the survey, a vast majority of students in the Philippines (97 percent] want to know more about coding, and 96 percent wish that coding could be offered as a core subject in their schools. This suggests that coding has the potential to be a highly engaging subject that can capture the attention and imagination of students, leading to positive learning outcomes.

The study also underscores the broad understanding amongst students in the Philippines about the impact of technology on businesses and the society - 96 percent of students say that coding is important to their future careers, and 92 percent agree that coding will be relevant to all careers in the future, regardless of areas of specialization.

"The results from the Microsoft survey clearly show that the vast majority of students in the Philippines no longer question the value of coding, These youth fully recognize its importance in helping them acquire fundamental 21“ century skills and prepare them for success in the future," said Karrie llagan, Microsoft Philippines General Manager. "As our world continues its evolution into one that is mobile-first and cloud- first, it is important for educators in the region to stop asking whether or not to offer coding as a subject- but how it can be integrated into the curriculum as soon as possible.
During SM Megamall activation workshop with my kids
Kurt Reed True (12) and Karl Daniel True (9)

Other noteworthy results from the study include:

On the benefits of coding, 81 percent said coding helps them better understand the digital world that we live in today, and 63 percent said coding can make it easier to find a job in the future;

Although commonly regarded as a male-dominated field, the survey nevertheless shows that a very high proportion of both boys (96 percent) and girls (95 percent) in the Philippines think of coding as important to their future careers;

Reinforcing the finding that students in the Philippines are fully aware of the growing importance of an education in technology, an overwhelming 98 percent of students who specialize in the arts and humanities - an area that is conventionally far removed from science and technology - wants to learn more about coding.

Along with the widespread enthusiasm and interest in coding, the survey also revealed that students in the Philippines enjoy relatively strong support from their parents and schools for coding: 72 percent said they have an opportunity to learn coding in school, whether as a core subject or an extracurricular activity, and 82 percent of students say their parents think coding is important to their future.
My son Kurt loves these MineCraft thing

For the schools and parents on the other side of the fence, there is an urgent need to quickly reflect on how they can better support the younger generation in taking their first coding steps, especially when 93 percent of students said they would be willing to take up coding classes outside of regular school hours. In fact, 39 percent of students in the Philippines have already looked beyond the classroom and picked up coding on their own through online tutorials.

To help educators sustain and further this positive trend, the Microsoft YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode campaign is back for its second year in Asia Pacific. Kicking off today, this year’s movement promises to be more exciting than ever, with local events in more than thirteen countries throughout the region. Aimed at inspiring youth in Asia Pacific to try their hand at coding and become creators, the campaign will connect aspiring student coders of all skill levels with the tools, resources, and experiences they need to turn their innovative ideas into reality - whether they only have an hour, a whole semester, or an entire year’s worth of time to invest.
My son's Kurt and Karl with there friend Bea during
the SM Megamall #WeSpeakCode press conference

Microsoft Philippines celebrates #WeSpeakCode by teaching coding to select schools within and outside of Metro Manila with the help of Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs), college student volunteers who have been trained for free in Microsoft technologies and serve as Microsoft evangelists in their respective schools. A mall activation at SM Megamall also offers fun and easy coding lessons to kids and adults alike using popular games such as Minecraft, Angry Birds, and animated movie, Frozen, as a platform to teach coding and make it more accessible.

llagan added, "lt is heartening to see so many students in the Philippines understand the importance of coding and are taking action to ready themselves for the future. We at Microsoft believe that code is a language that anyone can learn and computational thinking is an essential foundational skill that should be taught in all schools – regardless of age, gender, or your current field of study. Writing code and creating program of your own is not complicated or difficult and more importantly, it’s fun! More than 82 million people of all ages around the world already tried coding last year through the global Hour of Code event. Through the Microsoft Youth Speak #WeSpeakCode campaign, were bringing the movement here to Asia Pacific and the Philippines, empowering youth here to innovate, create and unlock the best opportunities for the future.”

For more information about the #WeSpeakCode campaign visit  www.wespeakcode.net and to know more about news and perspectives from Microsoft Asia Pacific, please visit http://news.microsoft.com/apac/ 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Welcoming Sequel

The premium residential development up north, The Residences at Brent recently held its Groundbreaking Ceremonies for its second building – The Hackett Hall last March 21, 2015. 
Willowtree Development Corporation President
Mr. Dick Robbins delivers a message to the audience. 

“This ceremony marks the next significant step for our development project,” shared Ulysses Gaerlan - Willowtree Development Corporation Vice-President for Marketing and Sales. “We cannot be more grateful for the warm reception of the market with the first building.”
Brent International School Baguio Chaplain
Fr. Richard Egmalis performs the blessing of the project site.

The ceremony was graced by top officials of Willowtree Development Corporation headed by its President Mr. Dick Robbins and its Vice-President and Treasurer Mr. Joaquin R. Buenaflor. Guests included representatives of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and Brent International School Baguio. Leaseholders, industry partners, city and barangay officials, and members of the sales force likewise attended the momentous occasion. 
L-R: Mr. Ulysses D. Gaerlan, Mrs. Marissa Caluya – Chief Administrative Officer of Brent School Baguio, Fr. Richard Egmalis, Mr. Joaquin R. Buenaflor, Mrs. Letlet Dela Cruz, Arch. Noel Rapanut
Willowtree Development Corporation Groundbreaking Ceremonies for it's second building.
L-R: Mr. Joaquin Buenaflor - VP and Treasurer,
Mr. Raffy Talocoy representing Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan,
Mr. Dick Robbins - President of Willowtree Devt Corp and Brent Schools Inc.,
Mr. Todd Wyks - Headmaster of Brent School Baguio, and
Mr. Ulysses D. Gaerlan- VP for Marketing and Sales.

After the formal ceremonies, guests were treated to snacks and entertainment highlighted by a world-class dance performance by the Baguio Metamorphosis dance group. 
L-R: Mrs Tess Fermin,
Mrs Precy Pachao, Mr. Raffy Talocoy, Mr. Ric Bayao

The Residences at Brent is a project by Willowtree Development Corporation. For inquiries on The Residences at Brent call/text 0999-8853715 or 0927-4664442, e-mail at info@theresidencesatbrent.com, or visit the website www.theresidencesatbrent.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Exploring the cuisine of TravelBean

Specialty coffee shops are sprouting everywhere. If you’re a traveler who loves going places and trying new things, you will surely enjoy what the Travelbean has to offer.
Photo credit to Ms. Arcee Miranda
(My  official photographer daw! Hehehe.. )

I was lucky to visit one of its braches recently at 11 Falcon St., Fairview Park, Quezon City and the experience blew me away. This unique coffee shop that serves delectable dishes doubles as a travel agency. Not only can you dine in style here, but you can book a flight to different destinations.

As expected, the place is filled with things that remind you of different places and it has a friendly staff ready to cater to your gastronomic desires. The ambiance hits close to home and makes one feel like a member of the family even if this is your first time there.

What I really enjoyed there, though, is the great food. The Travelbean has a wide selection of international meals that reflect the distinctive cuisine of many countries. The best part is that they come with affordable prices! These mouthwatering dishes were unveiled one by one by the lovely consultant chef Juno Ang who served as our host for the evening.  Here’s a rundown of what I got:  
Bacon Croquette (P110) – Another winner that’s crunchy outside but tasty inside. This is a little bomb in your mouth that explodes with flavors.

Mexican Nachos (P145) - Crunchy but not too spicy, this goes best with coffee or you can wash it all down with a cold drink while browsing the web. 

Bacon Dynamite (P110) – I don’t normally eat chili pepper but Travelbean made it great by wrapping this hot dish with bacon with pairing it with an unforgettable cheese dip. 

Arabian Fries (P110) – I love French Fries but I never thought that this was far better! It has a spicy odor that could turn some people off, but once you put in your mouth, it tastes really good!  

Italian Lasagna Rolls (P220) – they look like lumpia or spring rolls, but they taste like heaven! It’s lasagna with a delightful twist that you can’t miss!

Classic Carbonara (P190) – here’s a great take of a classic dish. The pasta is perfect and the sauce is creamy with a generous sprinkling of bacon bits.

Wasabi Kani Pasta (P220) – If California rolls were made into pasta, this is what they would taste like. I couldn’t get enough of this dish mixed with mango, crab meat and vegetables. 

Angus Beef Tapa (P99) – This is the perfect meal for backpackers that’s filling and full of flavors. I never tasted tapa this good!

For dessert, we had Chocolate Lava Cake (P110), a winning combination of moist chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream, and fudge brownies (P75), a soft and chewy delight!

All in all, dining at Travelbean is an experience you won’t regret. Make sure you drop by there if you’re craving for good food at great prices!

Lancris Residences: a legacy of excellence

For almost 40 years now, Orlando and Cristina Bongat have been giving Filipino families beautiful homes that they can be proud of. Their expertise and experience in real estate and construction have served them well in many projects.
Diamond tower lobby

As the driving force behind Durawood Construction & Lumber Supply Corp, a supplier of hardware products in Antipolo, Rizal, and Duraville Realty and Development Corporation, a construction and property development company, the two initially started out building townhomes in Marikina, Quezon City, Bulacan, and Antipolo. Through the years, this unique alliance has paid off. 

In the 1990s, the couple came up with a number of medium-cost housing projects in Cavite. As their business grew, they developed high-rise buildings like the LPL Tower in Greenhills, San Juan, and the Bayview Area Suites in Malate, Manila.
Diamond tower facade
To cement their goal as a trusted real estate developer, the two have come up with their most ambitious project to date – Lancris Residences. This four-tower project in Paranaque that began in 2013 is envisioned to be a model community and a fitting legacy to the Filipino family. At present, the Diamond Tower has been completed. Four other buildings, namely, the Garnet Tower, Sapphire Tower, and Emerald Tower will be built. 
Model unit master bedroom

The rooftop
As the first project of Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation, Lancris Residences is a mirror of decades of experience shared by Orlando and Christina in the design and construction of modern homes. In addition to studio type units in the Diamond Tower, there will be two-, three-, and four-bedroom units. Prices range from P1.3 million to P7 million. 

Lancris Residences is designed to be an oasis of peace for every member of the family that is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life. It is haven of well-being, comfort, and enjoyment that is waiting to be discovered. Among its manly amenities are an outdoor sky garden, lap pool, kiddie pool, playground, basketball court (with locker room and shower area), gazebo, jogging trail, pool deck, and clubhouse. 

To know more this unique place, email landcrissomersetmktginc@gmail.com or visit Lancris Residences at Japan Street Corner Dominic Savio, Don Bosco, Paranaque City. 

Website: http://landcris.com

Lancris is also looking for brokers who would like to sell condo units of Lancris Residences. Interested brokers may visit the site, contact via FB, or just call us at 0917 8012 677. 

Cooks ON THE GO & Kitchen ON THE GO with COMIDA Chefs

Comida Chefs, Plato serves A multi-ethnic dining experience where flavors clash on purpose. ‘a multi-culti mix from geographically  nowhere because it is from EVERYWHERE. Here, cooking is at a crossroads where everything collides! 

Bagoong rice with crispy dilis 
              Comida Bagnet with sambal sauce
Refried Bagnet Ribs
Binagoongan Bagnet
Higado Ceviche style

Galantina Antigua 

Comida Chefs,Plato serves comfort to those who demand new taste, thrills and culinary inventions. There is no limit to what they can go on your burgers.  It can be spiked with regional preserves and is served with multi-culti sauces and dips and are shareable food.  It is the home of pisco sours and ceviche in other words kinilaw. It is our bet as the next cuisine. 

Try their healthier menus featuring “inherently nutritious items” full of fiber, omega-3, vitamins, and antioxidants. There’s no word as to whether we’ll also serve less fat, sodium, or sugar but that’s probably the next attractions. Plato brought favorite street dishes and transformed many these “ethnic” cuisines to become mainstream and expects you to sample even more of them regularly. 
                        Comida BBQ with Java Sauce                                    

Actually as a result, it has made us grow because many attest it has becoming an interesting place to eat. For more information you may visit COMIDACHEFS PLATO at 2nd floor 111-A Kamias Rd. Quezon City 

In nutshell, COMIDACHEFS was formed in 2012 out of the need to provide creative solutions and management consulting to both new and established restaurant operators. Our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence helps build profitable, top-quality operations from the ground up or enhance existing business into fresh, competitive operations. It also evolve as the needs of clients change and as new opportunities are created in the market place.

The man behind Comida Chefs is  Danny de la Cuesta. He is a cross channel designer; design services across several conduits of fine art- each supporting one another to achieve a change in anything my design come into contact with. 

He is been in designing industry for over 45 years ; curate events, style homes and build up efficient kitchens. He also engineer recipes,  cook real food. write with passion and coach best by means of experiential reality training. 
Comida Adobo Steak with Java Sauce
According to Mr. De la Cuesta, "I live for food. Honest food is what I’m in search of. Nothing in a can, nothing in a box, nothing wrapped in plastic or foil. I eat any meat,. I buy from grassroots who raise animals, fruits or vegetables. I spend my days thinking about new ways to cook. I drink anything fresh or fermented but more importantly, indigenous. I am a Filipino Chef- I eat anything  that grows in a shade or under the sun. I am especially interested in meats, and veggies that people rarely eat nowadays, like wild boar, deer, horse, water buffalo, honeypot ants,  goby (Biya), ray (Pagi), sapote, chesa and mabolo.  You see, I often walk the road others trek less- wet market As a food writer, my works has been published in COOK magazine, The Business Mirror, COMMUTER EXPRESS, and several other publications. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Edible Flower Pot Cake for Earth Hour at Marriott Manila

A symbolic edible flower marks Marriott Hotel Manila’s Earth Hour celebration. Have a taste of this intricately crafted dessert from flower, terracotta pot to soil. This commemorative treat will be unveiled on March 28 and will be available until April 30, 2015 for P430++. 

The flower pot cake is made out of dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mascarpone Kirsch, dark cherry gelee, croquantine crunch and chocolate soil. Marriott Hotel Manila joins the Earth hour movement with millions of organizations and individuals around the world to raise awareness about climate change. 

 The hotel will be switching off unnecessary lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm and will be encouraging their guests to participate. For inquiries and reservations, call (02)9889999 or visit manilamarriott.com. To join ongoing conversations, like Facebook.com/MarriottHotelManila, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Now babies can sleep better with Pampers Baby Dry

Expect your lovely baby to sleep well and be happier with the arrival of Pampers Baby Dry. 

This new entry from the World’s No. 1 diaper brand is Pamper’s best and driest in 10 years. Philippine babies can now enjoy up to 12 hours of skin dryness so they can sleep longer and wake up happier.      

Pampers Baby Dry also has stretchy tapes that adapt to the baby’s shape and movements, and Magic Gel that keeps your bundle of joy dry better than other diapers. This ensures that your baby sleeps better, wakes up happier, and is ready to make a lot of precious memories.
Dr. Apple Alfonso and Andi Manzano-Reyes - Former MTV VJ, TV & Events Host
unveil the New Pampers Baby Dry
Together with the new diaper launch, Pampers® unveils a new online application Pampers First Book, which allows Filipino moms to record their babies’ important first moments and share with family and friends.

“Pampers believes that all babies should have a night of complete sleep with Pampers Baby Dry, and a good night’s sleep means a happy and healthy development,” said Jan Ang, country marketing manager of Procter & Gamble Distributing (Phils.). 

“Just like every new day is different, every baby’s first is unique too. Pampers invites moms to celebrate and share baby’s special moments of firsts with loved ones and other moms on Pampers First Book, because these precious firsts are signs that baby is growing and developing,” she added.

Studies have shown that babies who sleep better are happier and more sociable in the morning. They also appear more positive about interacting and concentrating, and are more alert, playful, and friendly with those around them. These moments are important for the baby’s social and cognitive development, and provide an ideal bonding time for babies and moms. While there are several factors which may affect a baby’s sleep, wetness and hunger have been suggested as the two most common reasons for baby waking up at night.

“Research suggests that helping keep babies dry during sleep may minimize the disruption of sleep due to discomfort, environmental stimulation, or temperature alterations,” said partner pediatrician Dr. Apple Alfonso. “Dryness is, therefore, important because it will help ensure that the baby’s skin is kept at a constant, appropriate temperature and free from irritation,” she explained.

To create Pampers FirstBook and FirstMovie accounts, Filipino mommies can log on to www.firstbook.ph to begin documenting and treasuring your baby's first.

For more Procter & Gamble products visit www.pg.com for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G and its brand.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Test your limits at the new Guerilla Race

Brace yourself for one of the toughest and most challenging races of the nation!
The first and only obstacle racing series within Philippine territories, TN-Guerilla Race Inc. is proud to announce the resumption of the GUERILLA RACE SERIES for 2015 with its entry level challenge, the URBAN GUERILLA RACE®. After the success of its series in 2014, the founders headed by Lt. Col. Dennis Bumanglag are driven to intensify the obstacles and redefine the overall challenges of the race.

The GUERILLA RACE SERIES is held annually with three major races per year. Past races were held at Nuvali Estates, Sta. Rosa Laguna (Guerilla Sprint), Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal (Guerilla Warrior) and Filinvest City, Alabang (Guerilla Panther Challenge and Guerilla Kids Race). It was last October 2014 when the exhilarating Kids Edition was introduced. The Guerilla Kids Race was participated by children ages 6 to 12 years old in an effort to make the race a family-friendly affair. 

"Being the only obstacle-driven race today is not enough, we believe that we owe it to our racers to raise up the bar and grant them a real challenge, " says Lt. Col. Bumanglag. "The URBAN GUERILLA RACE® with its recalculated obstacle and route difficulty will surely bring in a welcoming surprise especially for those who has been anticipating the event."

Just like last year's series, racers can expect obstacles like Javelin Throw, Sandbag Carry, Log Balance, Barbed Wire Crawl, Fire Jump, Cargo Nets, and Vertical Rope Climb, but with a whole other set of obstacles. The race as always will not provide maps to racers, so racers can only rely on their determination and courage with the mantra to “Finish the race…or die trying.”

URBAN GUERILLA RACE®  is set on April 12, 2015 at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife in Quezon City.  The benefit race will support the H.E.R.O. Foundation by donating a part of the registration fees to assist the education of the orphans of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the service to the country. 

Racers can choose from the following: Guerilla Sprint (5K with 12 Obstacles) at P950; Guerilla Warrior (10K with 18 Obstacles) P1,150; and Guerilla Kids (1K with 6 Obstacles) at P750. Registration can be done via GUERILLA RACE®  website, Merrell branches (SM North EDSA-Annex, Trinoma, Market! Market!, Festival Mall) and HIT Arena (BF Paranaque).

URBAN GUERILLA RACE® is presented by TN-Guerilla Race Inc. in cooperation with Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife, Manila Metropolitan District Authority (MMDA) and the local government of Quezon City. It is supported by MERRELL (URBAN GUERILLA RACE®  Official Footwear), HIT Arena, Geneva Belts, Ximex Delivery Express (XDE), Coca-Cola-FEMSA, Anytime Fitness, +Certified Positive Planner, Music Hall and Write On Track Enterprises with official media partners Business Mirror, Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), The Philippine Star, 97.9 Home Radio, DWIZ, Voice of the Youth Radio, Men's Health, Reach Magazine, Travelplus, Pinoy Fitness, Save 22, Amazing Planet Channel and ATC @ IBC (Television at its best). 

For more information, visit www.guerilla-race.com and like us on www.facebook.com/GuerillaRace.