Sunday, January 4, 2015

3 Steps To Make Your Business Stand Out

You don’t have to jump from a plane or stand on your head so people will notice your business. Neither do you need expensive advertising, a dazzling website or a controversial blog to attract customers. When it comes to marketing your business, simple approaches can make a big difference. Here are some simple marketing strategies to make your business stand out and leave your competitors behind:

BE DIFFERENT - don’t expect to stand out if you’re offering what everyone else is offering. It’s easy to drown in the sea of conformity. Think of something original that people will like and will find only in your store. That way, your customers will keep coming back for more since they can’t get it elsewhere.

“Why is being different important? Being different is important because not everyone does it - not everyone puts ‘be remarkable’ into their business plan. Many people can open a chain store, a coffee shop, or provide web design services that are just the same as hundreds of others out there. What makes you unique is putting in the extra effort and showing the initiative to make yourself different. It is about finding your niche and being best in the world at something, whatever your version of the world may be,” according to SmallBusinessEssentials,Info.

DEVELOP YOUR OWN VOICE - once you have something that makes your business different, find out if you have any competitors and see if you can do something that they don’t. Offer your customers improved service, free delivery or anything that will make them notice your business. These “perks” can go a long way in increasing your customer base and giving your business its own identity.

“When you are an entrepreneur, what usually makes your business different is you. You bring everything you do into the company to make it what it is - your passion, your skills, your talent, your ideas, and your unique spin to a solution for a current problem in the world. I am my company. I even gave the company my initials! I know there is a frequent debate among small business owners working ‘on their company’ vs. ‘in their company’, but I will always be the kind of person who works in my company,” said SmallBusinessEssentials.Info.

GET FEEDBACK - no man is an island, especially if he has his own business. Feedback from customers is important since it tells you what you did wrong, what you did right, and how you can further improve your business. Listen to your customers. They’re the backbone of your business. Without them, you won’t get anywhere. If you want your business to survive, be responsive to your customers’ needs and suggestions.