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Have A GoodNight Sleep with Uratex Pillows

Many people spend a lot of money to buy a good, comfortable bed. Ironically, when it comes to buying pillows, they’re not that choosy and leave everything to chance. This is a big mistake since a good pillow is vital to a good night's sleep.

You can’t sleep well with the wrong pillow. One that’s too soft or too flat can lead to neck pain while a stiff or too high pillow can result in back pain. You can avoid these problems by selecting a pillow that supports your neck, head and upper spine. This will ensure that you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

Choosing the right pillow, however, can be difficult since there’s plenty to see. To make things easier for you, here are some tips to consider:
Photo grab from Uratex Foam website

First, know your sleep position. Do you sleep on your back or do you lie on your side? Some sleep on their stomachs. Every position requires a different pillow. Soft pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Those who sleep on their backs need a firmer pillow. Side sleepers need the most support and do well with firmer and higher pillows. A pillow’s firmness depends on the amount of filling it has. Naturally, a pillow with more material is firmer.

Finally, change your pillow if needed. A lot of people keep their pillows for a long time which isn’t good. Replace your pillow every couple of years. It’s time to buy a new one if the old pillow doesn’t “bounce” anymore. To test it, fold it in half and observe what happens. If it takes too long to return to its shape, replace it. 

Investing in a good pillow and comfortable bed is a must to get a good night sleep. That's why Uratex Philippines gives everyone a wide choice of pillows and bed to select according to their needs. Uratex foam pillow selection are available in many sizes and options, so you are sure to find something that suits – whether you are looking for a memory foam, latex foam, and fiberfill pillow. These varieties of pillow will surely aids you in getting a good night sleep and feel rejuvenated in the morning.

The RGC Foam group the makers of Uratex foam is today’s largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products in the country. Through world-class manufacturing practices and a strong culture of excellence, RGC Foam Group has become the most dominant player in the local foam industry and one of the leading foam-makers in Southeast Asia.

Uratex gives everyone a Comfort for Life! They has a high quality mattress and pillows with revolutionary sleeping technology that relieves pressure, relaxes, and helps you get better sleep. There's a model and style for almost every taste, from basic to most intricate. Indulge in the most exciting range of designs that is resplendently elegant.

FoodPanda: Awesome Food Delivery Service

I love to cook, but there are times I have no time to cook and food delivery is my angel! Most traditional food delivery needs a landline which the line is busy sometime.

The  announces Foodpanda delivery service and I was given a code to try their service.

Since it’s meryenda time I choose Pizza Republic. Pizza is always a hit for my kids.
I just simply choose my City and our exact address then the listed restaurants including Pizza Republic was there to choose.

When the meal arrived less than 30 min I was so happy and excited. I was able to surprise my kids since I order food using my Foodpanda app in my smartphone. They have no idea that food is coming.

My oldest son keeps telling me “Mom do this again tomorrow, I love food surprise”. I just answer him “Well let’s see if the Foodpanda will surprise me too”. What’s Food Panda mom? My youngest son replied.

Here’s my answer to my son’s question. Since he thought Foodpanda is the cartoon movie KungFu panda. is an online food delivery portal that makes it easy for customers to order food from the best restaurants in the Philippines and get it delivered to their home. With more than 160 restaurants to choose from, foodpanda has become one of the online food delivery leaders. Customers can order food from popular chains like Tony Roma’s, Chooks To Go, Yellow Cab, Gerry’s Grill and lots more.

The cuisine list on foodpanda is equally tempting. Customers can order wide range of cuisines like Sushi, Indian food, Italian food or Western food. Thirst-quenching beverages can also be ordered from famous places like 7 Eleven.

I just really hope I can order ice cream and my favorite Starbucks coffee can be delivered also using my foodpanda app.

Monday, November 24, 2014

My 'You're Not You' Movie Experience

When a fellow blogger invite me to watch 'You're Not You' movie, 'Parang gusto ko pang tumanggi', I was thinking this is another love story. But when she told me it's about ALS disease it perk me up.

What is ALS?
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease, and rarely Charcot disease—is a neurodegenerative disorder with various causes. The term motor neurone disease (MND) is sometimes used interchangeably with ALS while others use it to refer to a group of similar conditions that include ALS.  ALS is characterised by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle wasting. This results in difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing. The disease usually starts around the age of 60, except in cases that are directly inherited when the usual age of onset is around 50. 

About 5 to 10% of cases are directly inherited from a person's parents.  ALS is the most common of the five types of motor neuron disease.

I may not have this disease but I have a rare disease which is somewhat the same symptoms with ALS. As I watch this movie I can truly relate how Kate (Hilary Swank) suffer. The frustration of not moving or doing things I usually does. Felling depress what would happened in the near future? Thinking if I could survived and be cured? Having this disease is a burden for people around me. Starting with my family and circle of friends. 

The Movie
This movie is not just for lovers but for the whole family. So they could clearly understand ALS is not just a physical pain for the patient but also an emotional pain for the whole family.

The title 'You're Not You' for me is all about the characters Kate (Hilary Swank) and Bec (Emmy Rossum),  how they change when Kate has disease. 

Kate - a suave, successful classical pianist diagnosed with ALS. 
Bec - a college student - applies for the job despite her lack of experience. 

Then Kate sees something special in Bec and wants to have her as her caregiver to help her with everyday things like taking a shower. Kate and Bec help each other to live their lives and find their way in the world.  The story explores how two strangers can bring out the best in each other.

Director: George C. Wolfe
Running time: 103 minutes`
Producer: Hilary Swank
Genre: Drama
Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cordlife Launches Newly Upgraded Stem Cell Facility

Cordlife Medical Philippines Inc (“Cordlife” or the “Company”), a fully owned subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited, a Singapore Exchange mainboard listed consumer healthcare company catering to the mother and child segment, announced the opening of their newly upgraded stem cell processing and cryopreservation facility at UP-Ayalaland Technohub, Quezon City. This expansion came less than 5 years from the opening of its facility in the country and was mainly driven by the growing number of parents who recognize the value of banking their baby’s stem cells in the country.

The event launch held at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas  and was hosted by popular DJ Delamar Arias and graced by celebrity moms, actress and beauty queen Lara Quigaman and reporter/journalist NiƱa Corpuz. Delamar, Lara and Nina all shared their personal experiences of being Cordlife moms themselves.
Also in attendance to underscore Cordlife’s commitment to Filipino parents and their children were Cordlife Group CEO Jeremy Yee, Cordlife Philippines Medical Director Dr. Arvin Faundo, and Cordlife Philippines Director Michael Arnonobal.

The event highlighted the five essentials of mother and child that Cordlife addresses through services. These essentials are security, expertise, investment, bond, and value for life.
With the newly upgraded stem cell facility that can accommodate up to 30,000 cord blood and cord lining units, more parents can enjoy a sense of security when they bank their baby’s stem cells at Cordlife’s state-of-the-art processing and cryopreservation laboratory. Parents who banked with Cordlife can have peace of mind knowing that their baby’s stem cells are kept in a highly secure laboratory that was built to withstand earthquakes of up to magnitude 8, and ward off fire with its fire-retardant walls. Furthermore, the vapour-phased liquid nitrogen cryogenic tanks used to preserve the cord blood and cord lining samples are not dependent on electricity, making them 100% safe and reliable in case of power outages.
Cordlife’s expertise in the stem cell banking arena, is proven not only by being the largest network of cord blood banks in Asia, but also the number of cord blood releases for stem cell transplant and their adherence to the stringent global standards of AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks). Cordlife Philippines is also the country’s first and only ISO 9001:2008 and Department of Health-registered cord blood and cord lining bank.
“With over 13 years of experience in the industry and as a mainboard-listed healthcare company on the Singapore Exchange, we are in the position to provide long-haul high quality stem cell banking service to parents in the Philippines,” says Jeremy Yee.   
In addition to cord blood banking, Cordlife Philippines also offers cord tissue banking service, launched last year. “While cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells used to treat blood disorders, cord tissue is  a rich source of mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells, both of which are now under extensive clinical study for regenerative medicine and a host of other applications such as stroke, myocardial infarction and diabetes treatment,” according to Dr. Arvin Faundo. “Stem cell therapy is indeed one of the brightest spots in the future of medicine, and families can start investing on this future today with Cordlife,” he adds.
Cordlife emphasized once more their commitment to provide more value for life by being a steadfast partner to parents who wish to bank their baby’s stem cells because of their proven ability to treat Leukemia, Thallasemia and other types of cancers2. “I actively tried to develop our parenting IQ, from how to change a diaper to knowing the many diseases that could threaten my baby’s future. I still remember the sense of relief having found out that we could provide him biological insurance through stem cell banking,” saying Lara Quigaman.

By storing the blood and lining of their baby’s umbilical cord, the first connection between mom and child, Cordlife helps preserve this precious bond. Partnerships are forged with trusted hospitals and research institutes like Duke Medicine research, adding more value to this special mother and child bond.

All these essentials are available to parents as a practical investment for their child’s health. “To help the most number of Filipino families access this important service, Cordlife offers cord blood/cord lining banking for as low as P8,000 per year, and offers flexible payment schemes that are within reach of most families,” says Michael Arnonobal.

Are You Taking The Right Vitamins?

You eat right. You exercise. You hydrate. And yet, you still feel “off” most days, waking up with brain fog and feeling tired the whole day. You force yourself to exercise, hoping the body fog will go away. But it doesn’t. Could it be that you are really eating right? Probably. But are the levels of essential nutrients that you are getting from food adequate? Probably not. Do your current vitamins and supplements boost the levels of nutrients that you need to optimal levels? Probably not.  Most of the time, despite your best efforts to do research on and to consume the “right” vitamins and other supplements for yourself, your body may still be deficient or in excess of several vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids, and essential fats.

But how do you know what you need and how much to take? With its launch in the Philippines, BioBalance Institute now provides a completely personalized nutritional solution that allows you to know specifically the right kind and the right amount of essential nutrients to keep you nutritionally balanced and optimally well.

Your body is unique
 BioBalance knows that each body has a unique nutrient and metabolic profile, determined by age, genetics, lifestyle, environmental exposure, and even disease predisposition, among others.  So, in nutritional intake and supplementation, one size does not fit all.

 “What we do is both simple and complex. Simple, in that we detect and correct subtle deficiencies and borderline toxicities. Complex, because nutrients interact with each other and with the rest of the body in a networked manner, such that correcting one deficiency may correct three others,” explains Dr. Ted Achacoso, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of BioBalance Institute. Dr. Ted is also double-board certified in Europe in Anti-Aging Medicine and in Nutritional Medicine.
“A nutrient deficiency or toxicity signals an imbalance in your body way before illness sets in,” further explains Dr. Ted. “When this remains unaddressed, the body can still function at sub-optimal levels for months, even years. When this imbalance progresses, however, it will eventually manifest in signs and symptoms that may lead to serious health conditions.”

Don’t guess… test!
Have you ever been to a doctor where all of your diagnostic tests — from X-rays to MRIs to CT scans to blood work to urine tests — have come back normal and yet you still feel “yuck?”

Different from the usual clinical tests during executive check-ups, BioBalance applies advanced technology to test for metabolites inside the cell.  Before, intracellular metabolites had no practical applications since they could not be measured inexpensively for clinical use. So, the clinical tests of today have been testing for organ function instead. But cells underlie all organs.

Through their exclusive partnership with Genova Diagnostics (a US-based laboratory), BioBalance applies advanced technology to peer inside the cells and measure levels of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids (from breakdown of protein), omega fatty acids (from ingestion of essential fats), and pyruvate (from breakdown of carbohydrates), among many other substances including those that reveal the inner workings of the mitochondria and the neurotransmitters of the brain.

BioBalance can help identify nutritional and metabolic imbalances, which can be the root cause of health conditions experienced by each client.  Measuring nutrient and metabolic status allows BioBalance to personalize the recommendations for each person on dietary changes and supplementation. In other words, no more guessing!

A bespoke solution for you
So how do you correct nutrient imbalances? Through Measured Wellness® of BioBalance.

“Just like Illness Medicine Doctors run diagnostic tests before giving any drugs, BioBalance Health Optimization Medicine or HOMe® Doctors recommend nutrient and metabolic tests before giving any supplements. This practice is called Measured Wellness®,” shares Dr. Ted.

The Measured Wellness® approach removes the guesswork on specific nutrients your body needs.  You can be assured that you’re taking the right food and vitamins and other supplements to achieve optimal health and to support management of any current disease or disease predispositions.  The solution is 100% tailored for you.

“We aim to change mindsets when it comes to health.  This is the reason why we established the first ever BioBalance Institute in the country,” notes Alex Fernandez, General Manager of BioBalance Institute.  “Health should be beyond curing diseases.  It should be about taking measurable, concrete steps in monitoring wellness,” he adds
(For more details on BioBalance Institute, visit You may also call 650-4858 or 0917-521-4860.)

The Citizen Services Call Center for Filipinos by Filipinos

Need an NSO birth certificate? A DFA passport? SEC documents? GSIS helpline or chat?

Since 2000, Pilipinas Teleserv has been providing dynamic services to Filipinos with cutting-edge customer management solutions and innovative business process outsourcing services. Primary of these solutions is Citizen Services, an integrated customer service solution that has changed the way people transact with government agencies.

Citizen Services is comprised of essential people-oriented solutions in partnership with the National Statistics Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the POEA, Civil Service Commission, BIR, DTI, PhilHealth, NCC, DOH, the Government Service Insurance System, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the DPWH over the last decade.

The central services available to Filipinos are:
Pilipinas Teleserv provides Filipino citizens with a stress-free alternative to acquiring their civil registry documents from the National Statistics Office (NSO) through Requests for birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and certificates of no marriage (CENOMAR) are made via the hotline or the website and delivered right to one’s doorstep.

DFA Passport Appointment System
Pilipinas Teleserv has transformed the way Filipino citizens transact with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) through the DFA Passport Appointment System. The process of applying for a new passport and renewing an expiring passport has become much more swift and convenient as applicants can now properly plan their visits to the DFA offices.

GSIS Contact Center
From September 2012 until March 2014, Pilipinas Teleserv managed the Philippine Government’s ambitious Contact Center ng Bayan project, a national helpdesk that utilizes citizen vigilance to keep government offices and agents accountable for their actions. Concerned citizens can lodge complaints and request for information via the hotline, SMS, and email.

SEC Express System
A non-appearance application system integrating an online and contact center-based application process of documents being requested from SEC. One can access or call (02)737-8888 to facilitate processing.

Continuously committed to innovation, Pilipinas Teleserv pushes forward towards a decade and half of providing and finding more convenient and flexible means of making government services accessible to Filipino citizens.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Follow Instructions When Taking Medicines

To get the most out of your medicines, you should take them exactly as prescribed by your physician. This will ensure that your health improves. 

Unfortunately, four out of 10 people who take more than one drug don’t follow their doctor’s instructions to the letter(I'm one of the four! GUILTY)

Experts say that about half of all prescriptions aren't used correctly and nearly a quarter of patients don’t  bother to have their prescriptions filled. Among the elderly, over a third of all hospital visits is caused by  medication noncompliance.

Noncompliance has many forms. Not taking the prescribed number of antibiotics or taking too much are common examples. Adherence is required to correct this. This is the ability of a patient to consistently follow the medication schedule and take what is needed either with or without food, at certain times of the day, or a certain number of pills. Taking each and every dose exactly as directed is the best way to ensure treatment success.

So what can you do to make sure you take your prescribed medicines? First, ask the right questions. Know if the drug has any side effects and learn how to deal with them. If the drug is too costly for you, inquire if there’s a cheaper alternative.

Doctors should ensure that patients understand what their illness or condition is and how the medicine can help them. Will the drug cure the illness or merely relieve symptoms? For your part, talk to your health care provider or pharmacist regularly about your medication. Understand why you’re taking a particular drug and what to expect from the medication. Never stop taking any drugs without informing your doctor immediately and always explain why you've decided to stop.

If you ever miss a dose, ask what you should do. There are different instructions for different drugs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Airborne Technologies - The Power Is In Your Hands!

Airborne Technologies is a quality international technological brand based in the Philippines since January 2014.

It is a registered trademark Jason Borne Technologies, Inc. explicitly created to support the demands of the fast-pacing world. JET, Inc. is a professional manufacturer of powerbanks, induction speaker, and memory storage devices. 

Airborne Tech has been popularly known to create and release the first ever slim and light weight laptop powerbank made with Lithium Polymer batteries  and has real 24,000 mAh capacity- the AT-2401 Arsenal Laptop Powerbank.

Airborne Technologies has made efforts to disseminate its high quality powerbanks on tech shops that are within your reach. And one great place where techie people and gadget addicts go is the Greenhills Shopping Mall. We are happy to announce that our Airborne Tech products are now available at Myvape, L-23 8: 24, Ortigas Lane, Greenhills Theater Mall, San Iuan City. It`s just few steps away from the food court.

In line to this soft opening event,  Myvape is announcing that all Airborne Tech products on their dealer shop will be on 10% discount from September 20 - October 20, 2014. Also, the AT-5001 Slim powerbank is currently on BER Month sale that dramatically drops its SRP from P1,680 to P999.

For inquiries, you can contact the Myvape shop at 0917-884-3973.

Join us as we continue to revolutionize, get more exposed, and make life easier for all of us gadget users. Remember that with Airborne Technologies, the Power ls In Your Hands!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ballet Manila Presents ‘SWAN LAKE’

Ballet Manila celebrates its classical roots as it brings back the iconic Swan Lake, with choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov and music by Peter Tchaikovsky.
Katherina Markowskaja & Maxim Chashchegorov

The gala on November l5, Saturday, 7:30 p.m., at Aliw Theater features guest artists Maxim Chaschegorov and Katherina Markowskaja of the Bavarian State Ballet. They will also perform on November 16, Sunday, 3 p.m.

Other shows are slated on November 13, Thursday, 1 p.m., November 14, Friday, 1 p.m.; November 15, Saturday, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.; and November 16, Sunday, 11 a.m.

Ballet Manila’s  finest ballerinas Mylene Aggabao, Dawna Mangahas and Abigail Oliveira will be also taking on the challenging dual role of Odette and Odile in the ballet classic.

ln Swan Lake, Prince Siegfried meets and falls in love with Odette who is cursed to become a swan at night. But he is tricked by the evil Rothbart into falling for Odile, the Black Swan, whom he mistakes for Odette. Siegfried realizes his mistake and asks for Odette’s forgiveness. Together, the reunited lovers jump into the lake, break the spell on the other girls-turned-swans and vanquish the pair of Rothbart and Odile, before ascending to the heavens above Swan Lake.

The dual role of Odette/Odile is regarded as one of The most difficult roles in the classical ballet repertoire. "Swan Lake was first choreographed to feature two ballerinas - one to dance as Odette, and the other as Odile. Both roles later came to be danced by just one person," says prima ballerina and ballet Manila artistic director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde who danced her final full-length performance of Swan Lake in 2011.

“lt’s a quite a superhuman feat and really demanding on your stamina,” she explains. “Another challenge is to transform into two completely different characters -the lyrical, vulnerable Odette and the seductive and cunning Odile."

Ballet Manila’s 19th performance season is presented by The Manila Broadcasting Company and sponsored by Aliw Theater and Star City, along wifh ACS Manufacturing Corporation (Pride and Shield Bath Soap), First United Travel, BPI Express Credit, Island Rose, Ralph's Wines and Spirits, Krispy Kreme, Hen Lin, Papa John’s Pizza and Crunchybelly by Carlos Kitchen. For Tickets and other inquiries, please contact Ballet Manila at Tel. nos. 525-5967 or 400-0292, via e-mail at or through The website; or Ticketworld at 891-9999 or

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why Lemon Water is Healthy

Looking for a better alternative to carbonated and sugar-rich soft drinks? Have some lemon water. This affordable drink can make you healthy and happy in no time at all.  

As you know, lemon is a citrus fruit that’s easy to get. This makes it a popular ingredient of lemon cakes, lemon chicken, lemonade and other mouth-watering recipes. The tarty taste of lemon comes from citric acid. In addition, lemon is a good source of vitamin C and contains vitamin B, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, proteins and carbohydrates. When consumed as lemon juice or lemon water in the morning, this fruit has 7 health benefits:
Photo grab from google

First, it puts an end to stomach and/or digestive problems. Combining lemon with hot water can reportedly relieve constipation, nausea, heartburn, bloating and belching. Taking lemon juice or lemon water regularly helps the body eliminate wastes quickly since it is believed to be a blood purifier and cleansing agent. Second, it’s great for the skin. Being a natural antiseptic, lemon can supposedly treat various skin problems. As it packs a lot of vitamin C, it can improve a person’s appearance by rejuvenating the skin from within. Daily intake of lemon water can make you look younger since it removes wrinkles and blackheads. Scars arising from burns fade easily with the application of lemon water. 

Third, it can stop dental problems. Fresh lemon juice can relieve a toothache and stop bleeding gums. Lemon water can also freshen your breath and help control other gum problems. Fourth, it can cure throat infections. Owing to its antibacterial properties, lemon water can treat sore throat and tonsillitis. To do this, simply dilute one-half lemon juice with one-half water and gargle as often as possible.

Fifth, it can help you shed off those extra pounds. If you’re sick about your figure and want to look good, take lemon water. This drink is a great weight loss remedy. To prepare, just mix lemon juice with lukewarm water and honey. Sixth, it can control high blood pressure. If you’re worried about the adverse effects of hypertension, you can relax with lemon water. Its high potassium content is good for the heart and can relieve dizziness and nausea. Lemon water likewise reduces mental stress and depression. Finally, it can treat respiratory disorders. Lemon water can help you deal with respiratory and breathing problems, and can help asthmatics breathe easier. So put your troubles away with lemon water!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

French Baker Launches Paris Fly-Off Promo

Celebrates 25 successful years of French Baking in the Philippines

The French Baker,  the original French bakery-cafe that first opened in SM City North Edsa 25 years ago; together with Insight Vacations, Rajah Travel Corporation and Etihad Airways, today launched “Visit Paris in Summer 2015”, a raffle promo where one lucky winner will get the chance to visit and experience Paris, France next year.

This much-anticipated promo marks French Baker’s 25 years of bringing European-style breads in the mass market, and the company’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to the customers who have embraced and supported the patisserie over the years.
“It was in 1985 when I travelled to Europe for the first time that I fell in love with PARIS and her baked goodies. Since then I’ve dreamt of doing the same so that I can impart a similar experience to our kababayans in the Philippines,” shared Johnlu G. Koa, professor turned entrepreneur, and now Founder and CEO of The French Baker.

“It is for this same reason that we wanted to give back to our loyal customers the same French experience not just through our products, but by giving one lucky winner a chance to see and feel for themselves the beauty and charm of Paris.”

Experience France
“Visit Paris in Summer 2015” gives one lucky winner and three of his companions an all-expense paid 10-day trip to Paris through luxury escorted tours provider Insight Vacations, together with Rajah Travel Corporation, and Etihad Airways as the official airline.
Every P500 worth of dine-in and take-out single receipt from any The French Baker branch entitles the customer one raffle coupon.  The promo will run from November 5, 2014 until March 15, 2015. Grand Draw will be on March 20, 2015.
25 The French Baker gift certificates worth P5,000.00 each are also up for grabs.
The grand prize winner will get to spend at least three days in each of France’ key cities, including Paris, the old Roman City of Nimes; and finally in Monte Carlo.
 “People may ask why four tickets for one winner, and not four winners with one ticket each?” Koa furthers. “The reason is that we wanted the winner to see the charms of France and experience that magical feeling together with family and friends, and not just by themselves.”
 “We are very excited for this promo,” said Sheryl Lim, Regional Director for Insight Vacations. “We see it as a perfect way for The French Baker to celebrate 25 years in the country, and for showing their gratitude to their loyal customers.”
Insight Vacations also launched its 2015 itinerary and magazine, which is available through Rajah Travel Corporation.
“As a company known for our world-class travel itineraries, we will make sure that through Insight Vacations, we will provide the winners with only the most immersive look at French history and culture.” said Aileen Clemente, Rajah Travel Corporation Chairman and President.
Likewise for Etihad Airways that will fly the winners in class.
“We give utmost importance to the safety and comfort of our customers,” said Juan Torres, General Manager for the Philippines at Etihad Airways. “Our winner will surely experience great service and hospitality that the Etihad Airways is known for.”

25 years of The French Baker
Apart from the raffle promo, The French Baker also featured a spectacle of fashion, art, music, entertainment and food in the form of tableaus at the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall:
The Art tableau, which are decorated with paintings from France; the Fashion Tableau, with models dressed in Parisian Chic; the Wine and Cheese tableau, which offered exquisite cheeses from different parts of Europe; and the Food tableau, which provided a delectable choice of entrees.
Opening its first branch at the SM City North Edsa in 1989, The French Baker began as a startup selling French-inspired breads and pastries such as baguettes, croissants, sourdough and tarts alongside local favorites like pan de sal and ensaymada, until it expanded into a casual dine-in that also offers soups, salads, pasta and pizza.
It prides itself as the first establishment to introduce European-style breads and pastries in the Philippine market, and the first to employ the nightly half-price sale to ensure the freshness of baked goods to be sold the next day.
Today, The French Baker has 52 branches all over the country, and has expanded to include The French Baker “Salon de The” edition.
“This is a noteworthy milestone not only for me but for all of us. I thank you all for the support, especially those who have been patronizing our products since we opened 25 years ago. We have achieved so much, and I hope you keep on supporting us so we can do more in the future,” Koa said.

Another milestone
Meanwhile, Koa has garnered yet another milestone for his exceptional business management performance after receiving an award for the Outstanding Category of the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) held recently at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.
APEA is an awards ceremony organized by Enterprise Asia that honors entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region who have shown outstanding leadership and innovation when it comes to managing their businesses. It aims to bring together businessmen from different countries and improve the economic development across the region.
Koa is one of the very first Filipino entrepreneur in the history of APEA to be given the coveted award. Speaking at The French Baker 25th anniversary celebration, Koa said he is proud to be able to show the world the passion and perseverance that drives many Filipino entrepreneurs like him.

“I am very happy and proud to be the first Filipino entrepreneur to receive this prestigious award. This is a significant achievement not just for me but for all the hardworking entrepreneurs  here in the country,” Koa said.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

To Replenish Body Fluids - Drink Pocari Sweat

Water is the most essential drink in our lives. When you got sick doctors advice, drink lots of water. When you exercise or into sports you drink more water. Does the water you drink really replenish your thirst or the electrolytes lost in your body will be restored?

Try drinking Pocari Sweat it's a mild tasting, refreshing drink that replenishes body fluids lost by perspiration. It is best to drink when you do sports activities, exercise, work or even sleeping.
Photo grab from Google

Pocari Sweat contains electrolyte minerals such as, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. These electrolytes are lost by the body during perspiration. It is not enough to drink water alone because these electrolytes should be replenished to prevent spontaneous dehydration. 

Drinking Pocari Sweat is essential in obtaining the right level of body fluids to attain optimum physical and mental performance. 

More benefits of drinking Pocari Sweat are:
Fever, our body cools down by releasing sweat when our temperature rises during a bout of fever. Recharge with Pocari Sweat.
Diarrhea - dehydration takes place after a lot of fluids are lost as a result of diarrhea. Replace lost fluids and re-energize by drinking Pocari Sweat.
Hangover - lessen the effect of hangover and stay hydrated by Pocari Sweat.
Long travels - helps in relieving cramps as a result of muscle inactivity due to long travels. Pocari Sweat improves blood circulation by providing the right hydration in our blood vessels.