Saturday, October 4, 2014

High-Tech Beauty Secrets

By: George Nava True II

These days, it isn’t hard to stay beautiful, thanks to a handful of gadgets and beauty secrets that look like they were lifted from the pages of a science fiction novel. These futuristic gadgets and high-tech beauty trends may not necessarily transport your skin back in time and take years off your face, but there’s no harm in trying them, especially if you’re willing to explore and boldly go where no one has gone before. So, without further ado, here’s a rundown of the latest beauty trends that is sure to raise Mr. Spock’s eyebrow and make him say, “Fascinating!”

Stay sun-savvy

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Staying out in the sun can be fun if you enjoy outdoor sports or sunbathing. But too much sunlight can result in premature aging that can make you look old and fill your face with wrinkles. Worse, sun-kissed faces are prone to skin cancer.

To avoid being burned outdoors, go out with June. No, she’s not some pretty damsel carrying an umbrella for you. This $99 trinket by Netatmo is a wearable device that talks to your smartphone and reminds you when things get hot. Among other things, it checks your sun exposure throughout the day, tells you when it’s time to wear a hat and sunglasses, suggests the right sunscreen for you, and advises you to move out of the sun. By following June’s advice, you can protect yourself from the sun and prevent problems associated with too much sun exposure.       
It’s no accident that June looks like a diamond since it was made by Camille Toupet, a designer of French jewelry. It comes in three colors, namely, platinum, gold, and gunmetal. Unlike other bracelets, June will help you take good care of your skin. That makes it a great accessory.     

Get kissable lips 

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Are your lips kissable? Do they pout like those of Angelina Jolie? If you’re tired of standing in front of a mirror and contorting them to make them look good, perhaps you’re better off with Fabulips “Pout”-O-Matic. This beauty tool from Bliss bills itself as a “spa-powered lip-perfecting system” that smoothens, massages, and revitalizes lips. The device supposedly delivers 450 rotations a minute and massages lips to remove flakiness and dryness.

Does it work? When used as directed, the manufacturer claims you’ll have soft, beautiful lips that go well with your favorite lipstick. A study done on healthy females aged 18-42 said there was a 90% improvement in lip rosiness and hydration, while 90% agreed that their lips looked better. If you can shell out $48 for this gadget without pouting, then it’s definitely worth trying. Just don’t expect to attract Brad Pitt after using it.   

Laser magic

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Lasers have been used by dermatologists to treat acne, reduce cellulite, and remove hair. Tria’s Age-Defying Laser is the only laser approved by the FDA that can be used at home on the entire face. Looking like a prop from the latest Star Trek movie, this device is said to be light years ahead of others in reducing the signs of aging.

Its light beams supposedly work from within and stimulate collagen production similar to a professional laser treatment (a fractional non-ablative laser treatment to be exact) you’ll get from a dermatologist.

When used minutes a day on the forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes, this gadget can dramatically transform your skin from drab to fab in just two weeks. Your skin will supposedly become smooth and have a healthy glow even without makeup. The laser beam, we are told, can eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections, making it better than any cream or serum in the market.     
For $495, you get the device and a 90-day money back guarantee. For almost a $100 more, the laser comes with a Priming Cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup, sunscreen, and other impurities; and a Finishing Serum that hydrates and brightens the skin. Not exactly a bargain but who said beauty is cheap?    
Sweat it out like a Russian

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This beauty ritual isn’t really new and not really high-tech. But it’s becoming popular these days as the latest trend in wellness. The banya or Russian-style spa or sauna has found favor in the new world for its alleged health benefits. Proponents say it improves blood circulation and promotes cell growth and overall health.

Like a typical sauna, expect to get sweaty which is good since this supposedly removes body toxins more efficiently than a bath or shower. This is also great for the muscles. Just be sure not to overdo it to avoid dehydration.

However, that’s where the similarities to a sauna end. Don’t be surprised if you’re whacked with birch, oak or eucalyptus leaves inside. That’s a normal part of the banya experience. Fortunately, this is done lightly so don’t expect to get welts or other injuries. Practitioners say it’s good for circulation.     
Banyas were mentioned as early as 945 AD when Princess Olga of Russia used them to kill the Slavic tribe of Drevlians who murdered her husband. The Drevlians wanted Olga to marry their prince but Olga had no intention of relinquishing her power that easily.

She asked the Drevlians to send their best and wisest men to fetch her. When they arrived, she invited them to freshen up in a banya after their long journey. As soon as they entered the sauna, they got the shock of their lives when Olga locked the doors and burned them alive. Strangely, she later became a saint!      
Luckily for today’s spa lovers, Saint Olga is long dead. But when things get hot in a banya, some people can’t help but remember what this woman did.