Friday, September 5, 2014

The Lifestyle Bazaar - The Event You should Not Miss!

You’re joining a trade show to promote your company and its services. That’s great. But do you know where to position your booth for it to be seen and attract a lot of customers? You probably think that what the trade show management will give you will be fine. However, knowing where to put your booth can spell a huge difference in drawing people to your place. For this reason, plan ahead and apply early so you can get the best space possible.

Obviously, the best space is a high-traffic location – one with lots of people. But some crowded areas won’t do much for your booth. For instance, high traffic areas like entrances or exits are actually bad for your booth.

True, these places are busy but the fact is the people there hardly notice the booths near the door. Their only concern is to get into the show or leave the area as quickly as possible. Tell me, can you concentrate in a place teeming with people who bump into each other as they head to the entrance or the exit? For this reason, these places are actually dead spots. So avoid these locations.  

A corner booth is better since this can be clearly seen from all possible angles. One at the front or center of the hall is also good. Other ideal spots are spaces near major intersections, food vendors, or restrooms. Choose a space that’s near the exit from restrooms. That way, people who leave the restroom can easily see your booth. A booth near a food stall, ticket entrance, or stage can likewise attract people who are waiting in line. This gives them a lot of time to look around and see your booth. 

But remember that even if you get a prime location, you won’t get the attention you deserve if your booth sucks. Make your booth as colorful and attractive as possible to get an audience. 

So don't miss the opportunity if you are a fashion and food concessionaries see below  the Updated floor plan available for The Lifestyle Bazaar on Nov. 14-16, 2014. All with "x" are already taken. Reserve now to secure your booth and be part of the Biggest Bazaar in the Metro! #thelifestylebazaar

And if you wish to be part of this amazing Event! " See you all at The Lifestyle Bazaar on Nov. 14-16, 2014 at the Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas Center.

A bazaar that focuses on lifestyles, its differences and its emergence in our today’s society.

Shoppers and food lovers get ready, as the delightful and trendiest fashion and food concessionaires await you!   

Few Booths are still available for the event so don't miss out!
You may also check and @thelifestylebazaar on instagram for details. "

I'm also giving away 3 tickets to Enter The Lifestyle Bazaar! So save the date!

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