Sunday, July 13, 2014

Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Many people can’t get by without a hot cup of coffee. Indeed, there's nothing like the kick of caffeine in the morning to help you enjoy life. So if you need to buy a gift for a coffee lover, you might want to get something that will help that person enjoy his morning fix. The good thing about coffee gifts is that they are greatly appreciated and come in just about any price range to meet your budget. Here are some great gifts to consider:

Coffee mugs make great gifts for any occasion. For a special teacher, why not give a coffee mug that reads A+ Teacher? If you look around, you can get a good coffee mug and still have enough money to fill it with that person’s favorite candy.

For the busy commuter who has to endure rush hour and traffic, choose a travel coffee mug. These are insulated and designed to fit a standard beverage holder in most cars. There are plenty of designs to choose from. You can get one with no handle – just a great rubber thumb pad on either side and a recessed rim to keep the coffee from dribbling down. These cost 3 for $10 at any local Walgreens.  At that price, you can get a set of three mugs in different colors.

You can also make your own coffee gift basket. Just select two or three packages of gourmet coffee blends and put them in a nice basket together with a coffee mug. Or better still, buy an inexpensive bladed coffee grinder. Many coffee drinkers love the idea of drinking fresh ground. It makes a great gift for a student who is just setting up house or for a couple who have just tied the knot. For the best tasting coffee in town, visit Chronos Coffee