Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Business Networking Tips

Do you want to advertise your business without wearing a funny costume or lugging around a heavy billboard? The best way to do this is through business networking. Simply stated, business networking is linking with other people, getting their trust and helping them in order to promote your business. This can be done through several ways:

Participate in network meetings. This is the best way to meet different people. But don’t just attend any meeting. Be clear about your marketing goals and pick the right meeting to join. This will help you identify groups who will most likely benefit from your products and services.

Hold volunteer positions in organizations to stay visible and remind others of your expertise. This is a good way to show others that you can be relied on and share their concerns. If you project yourself as a competent resource person, people will consult you for ideas, advice and suggestions. 

Stand out in the crowd by being different. Networking meetings are often full of people so attract attention by wearing a brightly-colored tie, unusual jewelry or a good cologne. This will help people remember you and separate you from the crowd.

Don’t just go to meetings and hand out business cards. Interact with the people there by listening to them, responding well, and maintaining eye contact whenever you talk to them. Don’t go to a meeting acting like a zombie or robot. This will only hurt your business.

Understand what you do and what makes you different from others who do the same thing. This will help you identify your strong points and give you an edge over competitors. If you love our job, talking about how you can help others shouldn’t be a problem.